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Be assured by our perfect 5-Star online Rating, and by the notes and comments below, that your pets are safe with our DOG WALKING and PET SITTING service from Sudbury to Northboro, and Hudson to Stow!

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I've never trusted my dog with someone outside of my family as much as I do with Brian...Brian even came to my house once when my alarm was triggered while I was away to make sure Quinn was okay."  Rebecca, Berlin, MA.

Rebecca Q, Berlin


Words cannot adequately express our appreciation of your kindness...I giggled when I learned how much attention she received. Sooooo spoiled! You have become such important people to support my family. Thank you, thank you, thank you! "

Sarah, Stow


Brian is amazing. We love the service provided for our two dogs. We have a 7 year old and a puppy who adore Brian. He is reliable, caring and flexible.  I would highly recommend Burke's Dog Care!! " 

Kathleen, Marlborough

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Are you guys for real?  I'm blown away by your commitment to us."

Lily's Mom


Burke's Pet Care Reviews

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Here is  our old Yelp home page (when the name was Burke's Dog Care, LLC), showing 100 percent 5-Star reviews.

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More 5-star reviews from Burke's Dog Care's original Yelp page further down.  But here are some Google reviews:

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Here are some more compliments we got from clients through emails, thank you cards, etc.  Some are from online reviews and may be used elsewhere on site also:

‚Äč--- "You were such an awesome dog sitter/walker/friend (emoticon)...Even our neighbors were RAVING how wonderful and conscientious you were. We will definitely be working with you again." Olive's Mom, Hudson.

-- "Not enough stars!!! This is the first time we have ever left our dog for an extended amount of time with anyone but family. LuLu has made April & Brian family! They loved our girl like she was their own. We received updates and pictures of LuLu on her "vacation"! She was home when we arrived home and though she was thrilled to see us, we could tell that she was calm and relaxed...in other words...well taken care of...She so loved by Burke's Dog Care & Walkers!! 100 plus star rating!!!" Rebecca, Hudson.

--- "Wonderful! They took great care of our dog, our other animals, and our garden. Our dog is very shy and usually will hide from people, but she loves April. Thanks so much!" Sarah, Hudson.

--- 'You are so good to her!!! ...We really appreciate all the extra TLC you are giving her. I do appreciate how caring and thoughtful you are being...we can tell she is doing great and is more than well cared for! Thank You!!!" Erica, Hudsom

Even more comments (some may be duplicates from the Yelp page)... 

-- "Brian is outstanding! In addition to weekly walks, he took incredibly good care of our two Havanese during a recent trip...Brian is super flexible and very amiable to your dogs' needs. Pricing is also beyond competitive. I am thrilled to have found them and would recommend them to any and all! Hemi & Shelby's mom, Hudson, MA.

-- Wonderful! They took great care of our dog, our other animals, and our garden. Our dog is very shy and usually will hide from people, but she loves April. Thanks so much! Sarah, Hudson.

-- "Brian is great! He took great care of my dog when she needed to be closely monitored/not left alone following an accident when I had to go back to work. First of all, he answered his phone right away...On a SUNDAY! He is very responsive and always available. I felt very comfortable leaving my dog with Brian. He is professional and experienced. It was such a relief to know she was happy and being taken care of." Shannon on Guiness.

-- "Thank God, Brian from Burke's Dog Care & Walkers came to my house tonight when I had to leave on short notice to get acquainted with CJ and the ever-so-loving (not) Coco. He was very patient with them and is going to visit them three times daily this weekend including outside play time. It is so comforting to know that they are taken care of in their own home. His rates are reasonable and he is very flexible. Give them a call when you need someone to watch your pets." Tim, Northborough, MA

-- "Thank you for checking! You are correct, it is on the Energy Saver mode where it comes on based on the thermostat. Really appreciate you checking and offering to go back." ~H

-- "We just landed, so it was great to turn on my phone and see this (texted picture). Good to hear, makes me relax (regarding a texted report on how well her pooch was doing)." Izzy's mom, Hudson.

-- "Thank You!! Buddy is in good spirits and was relaxing when I got home. I really appreciate your taking such great care of my boy. I missed him over the weekend but wasn't uneasy and that to me was huge :)" Beth, Westboro

-- "We can't wait to get home to snuggle with them! I am glad you enjoyed your time with them. Thank you for all you did!" Jessica, Sudbury, MA.

--I am so happy with you and your walkers! I love getting the journal updates and photos. You guys are great! Diane

-- "You're the man!!! (emoticons...) Thank you so much, Brian! So happy to have found you!" Beth, Marlboro

-- "Thanks! You guys are the best!! Again...You guys really are the best. ...He's the best isn't he? He loves you guys too!" Marissa, Bolton

-- "Awesome. She is used to you guys now, so she should be good. Thanks...again." Lisa, Northborough

-- "Thanks for the pics Brian. And thank you for taking care of Mia yesterday. We will definitely be calling you again and I will definitely recommend you to people I know who need any of your services. You could use me as a reference." Eileen, Hudson MA

-- "Excellent service, friendly, reliable and great communicators. I would highly recommend them." Lolah's Mom, Stow, MA

-- "Brian and April's work ethic and reliability give me peace of mind. I know they are always ready to
help. I trust April and Brian to be good neighbors as well as caregivers to my dogs. Brian keeps
them well exercised; April keeps them clean and neat! I am grateful they can help if my schedule changes--this is an enormous comfort to me." Rebecca, Stow, MA.

-- "As a dog owner with a full-time job, I have two major concerns when it comes to hiring a pet care service.

The first is security: I am not only handing over my beloved pets, I'm allowing someone into my home. This is a leap of faith for everyone who brings someone into their house when they are away to care for their pets. Brian and April's work ethic and reliability give me peace of mind. I know they are always ready to help. I trust April and Brian to be good neighbors as well as caregivers to my dogs. My second concern is, of course, the care and feeding of my pets. Brian keeps them well exercised; April keeps them clean and neat! In addition, I receive regular email updates on the daily activities -- from just a few words, to video and pictures! In addition,

I am grateful they can help if my schedule changes and I need to be away longer than expected. Brian and April are nearby and happy to help, and this is an enormous comfort to me.

It's always good to come home to a house with calm dogs who smell like cookies!" Annie and Hank's Mom, Stow

-- "Whenever we are out for the day and need someone to walk our pup, we know we can depend on Brian at Burke's Dog Care and Walkers. He takes Snickers out for some good exercise so we don't have to worry. Brian is always dependable and very trustworthy." Chris, Stow.

-- "Brian loves dogs and it shows! He is perfect for pups who need to get out and burn off energy and for any dog needing a mid-day visit." Chris, Stow.

-- "The best dog walking service I've ever known. I highly recommend." Dean, Newton, MA.

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