Burke's Story

Hi, I'm Brian Burke.  I created Burke's dog walking, pet sitting and grooming services in 2014 and have never looked back.  I knew the company's focus had to be providing peace of mind through super customer service and high class treatment.  So at the outset, I designed our logo as a doggie butler, with a top hat and bow tie.  

(Plenty of examples of this super service further down the page...so scroll, scroll, scroll!)

That obsession with quality worked!  Since then, and after the company grew to 16 employees and over 1,000 clients, our dog walking and pet sitting has received PERFECT 5-Star Ratings online, and more importantly, I have enjoyed every second of the time I've spent with all those pets!

And now we want to share everything with you.  WE'VE EVOLVED AND ARE NOW TEACHING OTHERS!

Besides pet care visits, we provide online education as well, for both pet owners, and those who want to start pet care businesses and virtual tours of Local Dog Hikes.  See our Services page for examples.

Whether you're here for online education and resources, or you need pet care, Please read some examples of why you can trust us below, and also check out our reviews from our clients over the years.

*We recently changed our name to Burke's Pet Care from Burke's Dog Care, LLC.  The new name reflects that we have been caring for more than just dogs!  And we are no longer an LLC -- keeping it simple.

And if you need a groom, please visit BurkesGrooming.com to learn more about April Burke's Dog Grooming shop in Marlborough.

I believe the images and bullet points below show that I've "been there and done that", so you can feel confident that I have the experience while dog walking and pet sitting!

Do you want a dog walker/sitter who has experience in all kinds of situations, so your dog will be safe and so you can learn from the best?!

Such as:

  • When I look out for hazards in the road or wild animals that your dog will want to chase, instead of having my face buried in my phone while texting.  I have the experience so your pets will be safe and so you can learn as well.
  • Or when leashes break, when it's raining or when a wound needs to be re-dressed with a new bandage.  I have the experience.
  • Or knowing how long to have a dog's feet exposed to the frigid ground when it's below Zero outside and the dog needs to relieve herself.  Or making triple-sure that doors are shut and locked securely when I leave...because, well, you know.  I have the experience.
  • And how about when off-leash neighborhood dogs approach?  Even though they may be "nice", this situation almost always causes a commotion in the road between the two dogs with cars speeding by, leashes tangled, dogs gagging to get at the other, etc...I've handled a ton of these.  Plus, I'm not really worried about trying to decide which off leash dogs are "nice" and which aren't...I just make sure your dogs are safe.  Period.  I have the experience.

   ...I provide peace of mind that you too can handle these types of situations.

So proud and humbled to be written up as one of "Boston's Most Inspiring Stories" in Voyager Magazine.  Well, it's easy to be inspiring when you are lucky enough to help the clients and dogs that I have!

--I believe trust and peace of mind are super important in someone who is advising you.  So Click Here to check out the "In the Community" page for examples of Brian's leadership and involvement which convey a sense of someone you can count on.  Here's a "sneak peek":

And Finally...I'm a dog care adviser who isn't afraid to take over 37,000 steps in a day out there on the trails and roads, learning about new places, the various things that can happen, etc...So I can pass it all on to you!