Burke's Pet Sitters

Looking for top notch pet sitters in Berlin, Bolton, Northboro and more for your dogs, cats, birds, turtles and more?  Burke's Pet Care provides pet sitters to keep you in touch while you're away...and to keep your pets in their own home, with perfect 5-Star Rated experience.

"Not enough stars!!! This is the first time we have ever left our dog for an extended amount of time with anyone but family.  LuLu has made Brian family!"

Rebecca, Hudson

'You are so good to her!!! ...We really appreciate all the extra TLC you are giving her. I do appreciate how caring and thoughtful you are being...we can tell she is doing great and is more than well cared for! "

Erica, Hudson


After 5 years in business and perfect 5-Star Ratings for the entire time, we've "been there and done that".  

For example, when I showed up for the last call of the day for a pet sitting client, to "tuck the pets in" for the night, I discovered that the cats had hit the kitchen sink faucet and it was pouring water on the counter, then down onto the floors.  Who knows how long it had been running.  My clients were psyched they had someone checking in on their house regularly.

Well of course I shut it off, mopped it all up, checked any leakage down in the basement, etc.  Then tended to the pets.  You can have peace of mind that someone is caring for your pets in their own home, AND, keeping an eye on your property.

So if you are looking for pet sitters in Berlin, Bolton, Northboro and even Clinton, Lancaster and Boylston...Burke's is your answer!


Here's one specific way that we provide PEACE of MIND while you're away from your beloved pets.  We "get it":

ONE OF OUR BIG DIFFERENCE MAKERS:  Our super-communicative customer app will keep you in touch up to the minute and allow us to communicate back and forth WHILE YOU ARE AWAY...as well as to keep you in control of booking and cancelling on your own, as well as handling billing.

So Yes...we have an app too!!! 

pet sitters brian burke


Having Brian as your pet sitter, differs from dog walking in that you would be away for multiple days instead of just at work for the day, for example.  Such as when you travel.

I will visit your house while you are away for multiple days.  I care for dogs, cats, snakes, birds, etc.

If your dogs don't do well at boarding places and you'll feel more comfortable that they will remain in their own home, consider Burke's.  

And if you like the fact that someone is continually showing up at your home when you're away, for security and peace of mind, then please consider Burke's for your pet sitter.


Since every situation is different (number of times you want us to visit your home and pets during each 24 period), the duties we perform while we're there, etc, pricing varies.

Most 24 hour periods START AT about $60-65 when dogs are involved (walking, let outs, etc), and can START AT $15-$20 if it's just cats or other pets such as cats fish, turtles, etc. (change kitty litter, GIVE MEDS, feed the fish, etc.

Regarding our Sleek Customer Communication App...

Which of these two forms of communication would you want to receive while you were away from your home and pets?

Check out these two visit reports.

One is from another service, and one from Burke's Customer Portal App:

  • A report from another dog walking service:
pet sitters other than burke's
  • A report from Burke's Dog Care:
Burke's Pet Sitter Portal