Northboro Dog Walkers Are Here!

Northboro dog walkers are here!  And pet sitters too.  Brian has been serving the metro west for 5 years, and is now the latest to serve Northboro.

It's Burke's Pet Care for your Northboro Dog Walkers

Burke's Pet Care is proud to be serving Northboro for dog walking and pet sitting.

We recently changed our company to Burke's Pet Care (from Burke's Dog Care, LLC), because over the years, we've served so many clients who needed cat sitting, bunny sitting, turtle sitting...you name it!

So we figure the new company, which indicates that we care for all pets, should help clarify that we LOVE all pets (not just dogs) and are ready to be your pet sitter, as well as your dog walker.  

Plus, there was no need to be an "LLC" anymore, so we're keeping it simple.


We get it.  I came from a customer service and corporate background, where I won awards for, and was trained on, top notch customer care.

So I bring this level of service to pet care as well.  That's why I designed our logo to be a "doggie butler".  Complete with top hat, bow tie and monocle.  


Besides providing awesome customer service, I have learned over the years as a dog walker, that it's more about PEACE OF MIND, than it is about our app, our prices, the length of the walks, etc.

So rest assured that I get the bigger picture that you want to feel at ease with someone in your home and with your pets.

And feel confident that dozens and dozens of our clients have trusted us -- See the next section about our perfect 5-Star ratings online.

Perfect 5-Star Rated for over 5 Years Straight!

Click here to read them all.  

And check out a Northboro resident's comment below:

Thank God, Brian from Burke's came to my house tonight when I had to leave on short notice. He was very patient with my dogs. It is so comforting to know that they are taken care of in their own home. His rates are reasonable and he is very flexible. Give him a call when you need someone to watch your pets.  Tim, Northborough, MA



Pet Sitting versus Dog Walking

I figured I'd explain how we define dog walking and pet sitting.

As you can imagine, dog walking is dog walking.  With our model, we come to your Northboro home and provide leashed walks in your neighborhood or on a nearby trail.

We also provide potty breaks and quick let outs in or near your yard.

Our version of Pet Sitting, is that we visit your home several times per day while you are on vaction, or otherwise away for more than one day.

While dog walking would happen while you are at work and returning later in the day, pet sitting would be used if you need someone to care for your pets (of all kinds) and your home while you are away for a longer period.

We can still walk your dogs while pet sitting, but other trips to your home contain other duties also:  feedings, companionship, litter box cleaning, bring in the mail, water plants, etc.

People love this model because there is always activity in the house while you are away, and your pets get to stay in their own home.

Some Examples of What Happens when we're out on the roads...

One benefit to having Burke's Pet Care walk your dogs in Northboro, is that I have "been there and done that".  

I have tons of experience when off leash dogs approach us (seen in picture), when leashes break and when I was left the wrong key and need to "break in".

So rest assured that you'll have peace of mind.

Advice, Education and Videos too!

And it's not just walking and sitting that we do for Northboro pet owners.

I am building an education aspect to my company.  I want to ensure that pets are getting the best care possible.  

So I am creating courses for both dog owners and dog care professionals to offer tons of advice and instruction on pet care.

I am also creating videos of cool places to take your pets.  So stay tuned to BurkesPetCare.com!

Here's a simple and quick example of some of our videos:

This video advises dog owners and dog walkers (professional) to be aware of loud noises while walking their dogs on the road.

Give us a shout!

For any questions or advice, please contact me at BurkesPetCare.com.  Thanks, Brian.

Other ways to reach us:

Brian@BurkesPetCare.com, 978-505-6087 or at Facebook.com/BurkesPetCare.  You can also visit our video page on Youtube by simply searching "burkes pet care youtube" on Google.

We'd love to hear from you!  Thanks, Brian Burke

About the Author Brian Burke

I'm Brian Burke. After over 5 years of caring for dogs and other pets, Burke's maintains a perfect 5-star rating...and it's all because we love animals and love helping people. Contact us for dog walking, pet sitting and for advice and education on how to be the best pet owner.

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