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     I've Never Trusted my dog with anyone outside of my family as much as i do with brian    

...Brian even came to my house once when my alarm was triggered while I was away to make sure Quinn was okay."  Rebecca, Berlin, MA.

Rebecca, BERLIN

Dog Walking:

We've been providing exercise dog walking in people's neighborhoods, on nearby trails, and let out/potty breaks in their yards and other dog walking services since 2014.

Exercise Walk: 25 - 30 minutes.  An on-leash walk in your neighborhood or on a nearby trail.  Time for sniffing and some love also.  $19

Let Out / Potty Break:  10 - 15 minutes.  Usually conducted in your yard.  We can also take a quick jaunt down the road.  A chance for relieve, companionship and a little exercise, as well as freshening up water and giving a treat!  $14

Pet Sitting info is further down...


Stay tuned in early 2020 for:


We detail destinations throughout the metrowest, complete with videos, commentary, things to know, etc.  You'll feel like you know everything about a dog hike before you even get there--Except for the thrill of exploring them yourself in person.  So all that is left is to actually enjoy...and not run into any surprises (well, bad ones at least!)


We are re-introducing the new and improved online course to start your own dog care business...the real way.  Actual real-life scenarios to have you prepared, instead of just bullet point lists on how to get a business certificate at town hall, etc!  Stay tuned.

Finally, we are also rolling out online courses for dog owners...to train you, not your dog!.  It's great that other courses teach how to make your dog sit and stay' they are very valuable.  But what about training you?  Such as what to do if off-leash dogs approach while on your walk.  And what to do if the leash slips out of your hand near traffic, etc?  

Pet Sitting:

pet sitting a rabbit
Cat Sitting Burke's Pet Care

You were such an awesome dog sitter/walker/friend (emoji)...Even our neighbors were RAVING how wonderful and conscientious you were. We will definitely be working with you again." Olive's Mom, Hudson.

Olive's Mom


Many people love our pet sitting model.  It can be the perfect fit for those who don't want to leave their dog at a kennel, for example, and want to keep their pets in their own environment.

And of course, cats, fish, bunnies, turtles, water frogs, etc typically don't go to kennels!  So they are also great candidates for our pet sitting service.

We visit your home multiple times per day to provide exercise, companionship, fresh food and water, etc. for dogs.  

And we can visit fewer times for non-dog sitting, such as with cats, for example.  We empty kitty litter, give meds, etc.  Or with fish, for instance, we can visit for feeding and shutting out of the tank light at night.

Pet Sitting versus Dog Walking:

Pet sitting differs from our dog walking services, because folks who hire us for pet sitting are traveling or otherwise away for multiple days, versus just being at work for the day and need a dog walk.

House Sitting:

We take care of house duties also, such as plant watering, mail brought in, etc.  We do this automatically when we are visiting to take care of your pets.  And even if you don't have pets, and just want your house checked on, we do that too!


Daily prices (per 24 hour period) usually START AT $60-65 when dogs are involved, and can START AT about $15-20 for cats or other pets such as fish, turtles, etc.  Since every situation is different, we will quote you an exact figure upon learning more.

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